Comedy, Acrobatics, & Danger!


Barely Balanced

        Barely Balanced was created post Big Bang. Well, post post post post post Big Bang in a far away land called “Ohio.” 

           Three friends at Hocking College decided to combine their daredevil antics and reckless stupidity to create an acrobatic show that would strike fear into the hearts of insurance adjusters everywhere. They drew their inspiration from a variety of characters such as Jackie Chan, Cirque Du Soleil, and the Marx Brothers. Combining this inspiration with years of experience gained in detention due to class clowning, they created an award-winning show that has toured the country entertaining audiences for nearly a decade.

           Over the years each team member has added to the richness of the show with unique backgrounds in circus, theater, and stunt work, allowing Barely Balanced to continually evolve. The group has performed in outdoor theatrical settings for hundreds of thousands of people and occasionally brings the show indoors, braving a world of low ceilings, spot lights, canned music, and strict fire codes.

           Come watch as Margret, Cameron, and Jimmy, or as you will come to know and love them “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large,” balance precariously on top of each other, contort their limbs, and juggle knives as razor sharp as their wit. They'll incorporate a cornucopia of circus props into the fun including: Chinese yoyo (of death), rolla bolla (of doom), and hula hoop (of no particular threat). They may even use one of their favorite and most unpredictable props- YOU!


James Freer


 Jimmy has been preforming for over 20 years in everything from musicals to Shakespeare. Some of his favorite roles have been Brutus in Julius Ceasar, Lockstock in Urine Town, and Large!  He's been with barely balanced for 10 of those years and can't wait for more! He's a Wisconsin boy that is approximately 1/5th brat and is always down for DnD.

He'd like to thank his parents for supporting him and partner Elyse for putting up with him. He'd like you so to know that if you have a dream, that you have the ability to actualize it. Work hard, dream big, make friends. 

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Margret Ebert

        Margret, Madge, Midge, Margie, Yarge, Mildred, or Marge;  whichever name you choose to use you will be talking about one rambunctious acrobat who is ready for action, comedy, and the challenge of keeping those boys in line! 

           BBB (before Barely Balanced) Margret had performed aerial silks and clowning with Circo Rose Entertainment in Chicago. Previously trained by the Gamma Phi Circus of Illinois State University, she has a combined twelve years of acrobatic experience. Always busy, Margret likes to split her time between being onstage and backstage. She's put her B.S. in costuming to work for companies such as Blue Man Group, Navy Pier, and the prestigious Illinois Shakespeare Festival. 

           She is so happy to now combine all of her talents as a member of Barely Balanced, and is excited to come up with even more weird and wild antics for all of our weird and wild fans!

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Cameron Tomele


          Cameron comes from a long line of hyperactive adventurers. It was therefore no surprise when he formed Barely Balanced and set out to live his childhood dream. He would climb everything, throw all that is shiny, and live a life of farcical adventure. 

           Without training in gymnastics, acting, or juggling he taught himself through trial and error (the errors lead to the trials). Over the years he has worked hard to develop Barely Balanced from a group of friends climbing on each other to an award-winning show taking the nation by storm.

           Outside of performing, Cameron loves nature. He has a degree in Natural and Historical Interpretation and enjoys teaching whenever he can.

           He hopes to perform for the rest of his life and one day, when he conquers dyslexia, be an author of many novels that will challenge others to imagine.

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