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Comedy, Acrobatics, & Danger!

Comedy, Acrobatics, & Danger!

Comedy, Acrobatics, & Danger!Comedy, Acrobatics, & Danger!

Get the best entertainment for your event!

Welcome to the world of Barely Balanced


Top notch Entertainment

Comedy, acrobatics, and circus professionals  — Barely Balanced is always the life of the party. With over 15 years of experience wowing audiences all across America they're guaranteed to be a funny and fresh smash hit! 

"Family friendly humor that will keep kids and adults wanting more!"

    -NBC TV


A Proven Track Record

Maybe you are looking for a motivating key note speaker for your corporate holiday party. Or a show that can also provide wandering entertainment to your private event. Barely Balanced's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience.

 "Gasp and Laugh at the jaw dropping antics of Barely Balanced."
   -CBS Atlanta 


Social Media

 Do you need more Barely Balanced in your life? Of course! Luckily for you, we're all over social media. Find out more about us by scrolling below. It's so much easier than stalking. 

"You will only need the edge of your seat."

-WGN Chicago